Sunday, July 8, 2007

a turning point.

if you were gone, i wouldn't care.
i'd keep on moving so unaware
how i torture myself just isn't fair
so i have to turn my focus elsewhere.
but if he were gone, i'd notice quick.
cuz the things he does, they always stick.
not yer typical run of the mill kinda prick
trying to play it off cool and be mister slick.
a slave to my heart, a sucker for feelings
my emotional, sensitive ways keep me reeling
first it's front, then it's back, always something appealing
still i have no idea why i keep on believing.
so, perhaps i should try and take hold of the reins
turn it swift to the left and steer clear of the pain
it's inevitable, it's obvious, like an oncoming train
what your all about mister, there's no need to remain.
a turning point. sudden change in the course.
just so bored of your usual lame old discourse
seems to me i've been trying to hold on with such force
when all along it was him who was always the source.
i have no more to say. i'm tired of thinking
this ship of contempt for you is finally sinking
i don't want a part of it, i don't want to win.
cuz the light i once saw in you has finally gone dim.

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