Sunday, July 8, 2007

and then there were two.

i think about one
to not think of the other
both are bad news
so why do i bother?

let me go over it
and explain it to you
so perhaps you might have
a much clearer view

of the reasons i sit
and obsess over this
and make trouble for me
my whole world is amiss

let me start with the first
since that one is past
of a dream of forever
which never did last

a most difficult time
of so bumpy a ride
and i can't count the times
of nights that i cried

but still we were friends
the best of the kind
i'm glad for the love
and good times i did find

no looking back now
the book has been closed
so tortured the heart
but you know how it goes

so now i begin
number two, here we go
but where do i start?
cuz it's all kinda slow

this one's much harder
cuz mine he was not
but i'm crazy about him
a heck of a lot!

he's bad news for sure
i should keep away
but i can't seem to stop
for just even one day

he has such a hold
over me it's unreal
but it'll never be known
to him just how i feel

there's no other boy
quite like him you see
but he's so very wrong
and just not made for me

but he's the only one
who's been able to free
my mind from the other
and you just have to see

his haunting brown eyes
oh gawd how i melt
this crazy attraction
i've never quite felt

he keeps me smiling
with his childish antics
he's just like a drug
and i sure need a fix

the only one person
who's made me refrain
from thinking of times
when my heart was so drained

and maybe i'm silly
for behaving this way
but anything will do
when your heart has decayed

to keep from remembering
all things of the other
until maybe one day
i shall find me another

and maybe it's such
a cheap made replacement
but my days are just filled
of dismal resentment

so, do i drop him too
and just think of the first?
or do i hold on to him..?
i feel like i'm cursed!

i hate that i feel
so incredibly helpless
to love and attraction
but i'm getting so restless

i miss so much
of what i left behind
i need to move forward
and stop with this rewind

of things that will never
be the way that they were
it's crazy just how much
your poor heart does endure

so.. this is my story
of boy one and boy two
i'm not sure if it helped
to give you a clue

cuz i'm surely not seeing
anything any clearer
and i'm still in the same spot
yet i'm still a believer

of romance and love
and keeping up hope
of something so sacred
that binds stronger than rope

i guess i'll just sit here
and wait for the day
when finally i can smile
and it shall all be okay.

1 comment:

Giusi. said...

lol.. reading this poem.. i can see how it might apply to a similar situation just that just passed... or is.. ongoing?.. but this is also an older poem written about 2 years ago.

Though boy one is always in my thoughts.... boy 2 is never even a flicker in my mind. Funny how that works. Infatuation is a strong thing indeed.

and then there were three.....