Sunday, December 30, 2007

Second Best.

in the sidelines
waiting ever so patiently
and biding time
and counting tiles
while making wishes on stars so bright
while looking blindly in your eyes
a hope of maybe simple things
to come on such a winter day
so cold and fierce a wind
sending shivers far and wide
though being held so tight, confined
this embrace is neither warm nor bound
that leaves me frigid once untied
and waiting on the promise of
a chance and better things to come
but neither here and neither there
the shore is still so far away
and i'm a shell kept hidden well
to peek and prod when feelings swell
admired in a close kept spot
and shut out from the rays above
cuz time... there's always some around
and who needs cages when we can roam around
to hell with all the boundaries
is that the only thing you see?
in me and all you you think is free..??
when night's the only time we roam
when other things will catch your eye
and take you far from time to time
and patience is a virtue they say
one long and tried and cumbersome
too heavy of a hand to hold
when it tugs in both directions
always pulling off to either side
where waiting seems so tedious
and maybe in vain
cuz i feel the pain
so devastatingly
with knowing that for now in time
and possibly for always
i'll never be the first in line
but rest assured, i'm second best.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

on lock down.

behind closed doors. kept under lock and key
where people all around us cannot hear or see
can't even tell which day or what the time may be
with the lies laid all around us always meant to deceive

and still i stay closeby with my humble plea
and the hours growing closer will only agree
that you need to make decisions when it comes to me
because this undercover story needs to be set free

out in the open and proclaimed and out onto the sea
from tops of mountains and from even dark & deep valleys
in open fields, out in the streets and high above all trees
you need to choose.. let's make this real. stop playing make-believe.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Imbalance in the scales.

crashing to the ground
i cannot make a sound
and i cannot give you time
when i know that you're not mine
and maybe never will be
and not the way i see
because you'd feel it in your heart
if you knew we'd never part
and i can't seem to shake
this feeling, i can't break
the way you hesitate
with every thing you state
longer pauses and decisions
while everything around me spins
when giving up means finally
and closing doors so effortlessly
i don't think that it's true
that you're giving me what's due
when i'd give up the world and it's entirety for you.
but you know that
and you always did
i'm just waiting for it to come out of your words
and in everything that you do.
and only until then.
but i'm afraid that time has come to pass.
because i'm afraid that it's not going to last.
i'm afraid that it's just not your vision
and i'm afraid that no amount of wishing
and praying and talking
is going to make you change your mind.
so.. i bid thee adieu
time.. you have lots.
and i still sit still like i always do..
and i'll still remain existing only for you.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lack of Conviction.

unlike a neon sign

dead straight ahead
blinking its message
so loud and clear

unlike the street signs
on sides of roads
to tell you just
which way to go

unlike the clouds
and even the skies
that clear or grey
showing what comes today

unlike the time
of day the ticks away
and moves along
its steady rhythmic ways

unlike a pendulum that sways
from side to side
never faltering
and always the same way

unlike my mind
and heart and soul
that never seems to see
and will never ever seem to know...