Thursday, March 3, 2011

Run Dry

uninspired by your lack of indication
senseless actions
of not partaking
always faking
like the rest
like the best..

uninspired by the shallow that surrounds me
of your allusions
to illusions
mean nothing more
than they did before
of stupid.. it's proven
hypocrisy, that's a given

uninspired by the doubt that plagues me
was that a bird?
some common word?
some fluttered wings
i saw those things.
or did i dream?
is what it seems

uninspired by all these choices made so wrong
why can't they see?
who they will be
it's plain as day
yet we all stay
and play the game
that's so the same

uninspired by your hidden truth that lies
because i know
what i do know
and what i hold
is so much more
than any thing
that you may bring
and uninspire me every day with so much there that's gone away
and take it back.. and take it far.
i want a vibrance that rings clear. i want it now to be more real.
and not a stupid feeling or thought or indication
and not your backwards stories of lying actions that you've mastered
over and over to make your own way.
take and put it where you want it to stay.
but take it far away from here.

uninspired i am today.
uninspired in every single way.

[G.B] - Mar.01.2010

Allusions of Delusions

Tell me something softly, tell me something true
Tell me all that ever was, was never really you
Show me how I thought of this, tell me what I saw
And how I've always somehow heard & felt this constant call

Tell me that I made it up, prove to me it's wrong
And every time I've felt this was.. was only cuz of song
But tell me I imagined it & tell me how it's gone
And never was, and never will be, no matter how I long

And tell me it's just in my head, say how it's not there
Tell me how it's not to be & tell me that you swear
Show me how I've been so blind in seeing what's not there
Just tell me how you never had the smallest ounce of care

Tell me that it's all made up, just please just tell me that
And tell me I'm delusional, then tell me that's a fact
For I can stay no longer, it's just too hard to ignore
So tell me this, so I can go & shut this heavy door.

[ G.B ] - Sept.13. 2010

a state of confusion

confused by all that's tossed around
that leaves its scent & taste & sound
to lower u down onto the ground
confusion now has left me crowned

upon this throne of desperate pleas
that brings me down onto my knees
without a clue or clarity
and left amidst these wicked dreams

confused by lack of resolution
that only leads to more confusion
confused by your obscene intrusion
& confused mostly by my delusion....