Monday, May 26, 2008

are you in it to win?

oblivious and unaware
it leaves me cold and feeling bare
and though i know it isn't fair
i'd never change, i wouldn't dare

so call me the loser and call me naive
but it's still so much better than being the thief
though all things are not always the way that they seem
i'm sure that some of this good grants me some small reprieve

when honesty has almost vanished
when all true hearts have dimmed and tarnished
when you think you've endured all you could've managed
and you're left all broken, bent and damaged

there is no cure and compromise
for someone else's dirty demise
and they'll all retreat behind their disguise
smiling blankly at you while they lie with their eyes

is it wrong just to hope and to contemplate
that they'll all maybe one day somehow just relate
but it's hard to be humble and sit here and wait
cuz i think for the most part, it's already too late

i just want what's due, to me and to you
to them and to all who have been right here too
i just wish that someday the good things will do
but who am i to speak, when i'm in it to lose.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It left a bad taste on my tongue...

when all at once the covers
have been pulled off with such force
and you've seen it all along
but yet you could not, would not, no
view the contents of that package
neither good and nor rewarding
never sweet and not fulfilling
never was and never will be
just a bunch of fabled stories
masks of heroes and no worry
of the real and honest truth
that it was never once his glory
but a lie of cheap dimensions
fills me up with such disgust
and i'm so done with all this hashin'
of velvet dreams and of things to come
when never honest, always was
but blind of all when it came to some
when it always showed immensely
the low grade of its appeal
but when your mind if foggy
you pick and choose what becomes real
so, with that said.. with all uncovered
and unveiling mysteries while you lay with lovers
i think i'll take it all right back
cuz it ain't worth a bit, never was..

... and never will be.