Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Starting to Separate

it's starting to break
it's starting to take
it's finally starting
to separate
i'm not trying to fake
or trying to wake
with this dreadful feel
that i've learned to hate
and no matter how late
that i change up this fate
and these lessons i learn
from mistakes i will make
but it's started to break
and i know it will take
cuz it's now finally
started to separate.

[ ~G.B ]

I can't find the words...

i feel like writing..
but i have no thoughts
i feel like saying
but it won't come out
i feel like telling
but it's not my turn
when i've done my part
and it all seems lost

i feel like changing
but it's not time yet
i feel like waking
up from this foul mess
i feel like choosing
but i'm only losing
to these constant mazes
that surround my phases

i feel like reaching
out towards what's there
i feel like holding
on to what's not there
i feel like grasping
but i'm only latching
onto false remainders
of these bitter endings

i feel like breaking
from this tired page
i feel like stepping
off onto this ledge
i feel like yelling
far too much right now
but i can't make a sound
when you're not around...

[ ~ G.B ]

- july 19th, 2009.