Sunday, December 30, 2007

Second Best.

in the sidelines
waiting ever so patiently
and biding time
and counting tiles
while making wishes on stars so bright
while looking blindly in your eyes
a hope of maybe simple things
to come on such a winter day
so cold and fierce a wind
sending shivers far and wide
though being held so tight, confined
this embrace is neither warm nor bound
that leaves me frigid once untied
and waiting on the promise of
a chance and better things to come
but neither here and neither there
the shore is still so far away
and i'm a shell kept hidden well
to peek and prod when feelings swell
admired in a close kept spot
and shut out from the rays above
cuz time... there's always some around
and who needs cages when we can roam around
to hell with all the boundaries
is that the only thing you see?
in me and all you you think is free..??
when night's the only time we roam
when other things will catch your eye
and take you far from time to time
and patience is a virtue they say
one long and tried and cumbersome
too heavy of a hand to hold
when it tugs in both directions
always pulling off to either side
where waiting seems so tedious
and maybe in vain
cuz i feel the pain
so devastatingly
with knowing that for now in time
and possibly for always
i'll never be the first in line
but rest assured, i'm second best.

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