Sunday, January 13, 2008

I don't have a title.

trash removal on this day
only to avoid such total dismay
when i want to pick up and go
and just start on a brand new road
away from the chaos inside of my mind
to whatever simple peace that i might find
when the path is marked for disaster
it's only normal to wanna run faster
and quicken my pace
maybe vanish without a trace
it'd be nice. it'd be good
i really would if i could
when i can't seem to fight
or hold on with my might
and life just swallows you whole
and spits you further from your goal
not that you even knew
at any moment just what to do
but isolation seems best right now
while these lines are forming in my brow
on knowing why or when or what
can pull me out of this fucking rut
some space to think and figure out
just what the hell this shit's about
and in the meantime i'll drift away
to silence all the things i cannot say.

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