Sunday, December 9, 2007

Imbalance in the scales.

crashing to the ground
i cannot make a sound
and i cannot give you time
when i know that you're not mine
and maybe never will be
and not the way i see
because you'd feel it in your heart
if you knew we'd never part
and i can't seem to shake
this feeling, i can't break
the way you hesitate
with every thing you state
longer pauses and decisions
while everything around me spins
when giving up means finally
and closing doors so effortlessly
i don't think that it's true
that you're giving me what's due
when i'd give up the world and it's entirety for you.
but you know that
and you always did
i'm just waiting for it to come out of your words
and in everything that you do.
and only until then.
but i'm afraid that time has come to pass.
because i'm afraid that it's not going to last.
i'm afraid that it's just not your vision
and i'm afraid that no amount of wishing
and praying and talking
is going to make you change your mind.
so.. i bid thee adieu
time.. you have lots.
and i still sit still like i always do..
and i'll still remain existing only for you.

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