Sunday, July 8, 2007

A little paranoia never hurt anyone.

I feel a gaze upon me..
always lurking.. always hovering.
hiding 'round corners.. creeping and crawling.
there's no time to tell my story.. cuz it's already known.
I see when I'm watched..
My tales are told.. and then it's read
and maybe then it's read again
and checking up is becoming a common practice...
I don't know how else to divulge
pure ramblings of my scattered mind
cuz who knows how it will be taken
as it's read. and it's so quiet. and then it's read again.
I see how easy it is to hide..
I know how clever some kinds may be..
And although I put it out for all to see...
I feel betrayed when they see it all..
Cuz I can't quite see the same in return
and I will not search and I will not prowl
I just want upfront. Nothing hidden well
Think I'll keep my thoughts from here on, to myself.........................

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