Saturday, July 21, 2007

i'm stuck on this page...

temporarily side-tracked.
blinded and clouded minded.
inside out and upside down.
and all over and under the place.

no control over any of it
no chance of escape.
can't make a run for it.
can't see the other side.
and it's happening still
repeating. it stops. and it starts all again.

i'm blinded. i'm binded. losing all sight of things.
not fair. i'm angry. annoyed. it's making me sick.
imagination running wild.
and it's happening too much.
it's taking over too much.
it's just way too much.

not sure what to do.
it's your fault. it's mine. it's nobody's at all.
just repeating. and stopping. and starting over again.

can't get it out. can't take it off.
my mind's just a moving reel
cycling maybes and what if's
and it's getting old fast...
and it's getting cold fast.

i'm drowning in dreams
that you'll never know of
i'm grasping at chances
that never were mine
i'm hoping for one day
and hoping in time
and waiting for nothing
and waiting for something
and waiting and waiting.
silent mouthed. lips are sealed.

one more time on repeat...
not quite ready to stop...
start this over again...
and again...
and again...

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