Sunday, July 8, 2007


untied. unglued. pull apart and turn it loose
step away from it for now.
take a breather.. take a break
take some time to think it over
or not think at all
or just sit still
and walk away
for just a moment. just a day. or maybe more
and just forget. or turn away
it only soaks too much up anyways
change the scenery
change the lights. change the way you think about
different route. different plans.
none of them with you in mind
knowing better. seeing clearer.
steps away and miles apart
too close for comfort. too far from here.
it's something i just have to do.
i need some time.
i needed more.
i wanted more.
and it's not here.
so, flick the switch
and turn it off....
it's finally time to disconnect.


David said...

Well I like it. :)

Paulo said...

Giusi you're so talented! You sing so well and I love the poems I've read so far :] I'm at work right now, when I get home I'm gonna read the rest. <3

Giusi. said...

aww pawl....... ahha jk :)))
thank you paolo. :D