Sunday, July 8, 2007


People would rather salvage empty relationships
And hold on to the ones that hurt them most
Than to befriend the ones who back them up;
Than to stick around with who they can trust.
Who stand by your side;
Who don't pass judgement;
Who sincerely give a damn;
Who will hear you lament;
Who genuinely care;
Who never wronged you;
Who give all their support;
Who are real, who are true.
I'm not one for poems
I'm not one for reasons
I'm not one for making
people see the seasons
I'm just here like everyone else
I have nothing more to prove
I'm just all the same
and I hurt when you lose.
But I can't keep pretending
when this play plays around me
That you're true like I am
I can see that quite clearly.
I'm here to be me.
I won't argue the case
I'm gunna be honest...
and I'll say it with haste.
A lie is still a lie.. even if unspoken.
A fake is still a fake.. even if unacted.
A cover up.. so perfectly.. yet so flawed.
Of deceit and secrecies.. protection of outlaws.
I don't mind walking with few beside me
I have no problems leaving behind comrades in life
I really do not hesitate to keep moving forward
I prefer to distance myself from all this strife
But as I walk onwards with peace of mind
You must question who you're left with along your side.
Because you made your choices, you picked your path.
And perhaps those you choose can mirror your stride.

Who knows why people think the way that they will.
Who knows why people make the choices they do.
There is only one thing that I can tell you for certain.
They are really the only things I know that are true.
I'll never lie. I'll never cheat.
I'll never sabotage with deceit.
I'll never steal. I'll never hate.
I'll be the one who always waits.
I'll never leave when times are tough.
I'll hold you up when things are rough.
I love. I hurt. I cry the same as you.
I'm honest. I'm sincere. I'm always most true.

I leave then with that said.
While paths still will be chosen.
And I'll still be made the fool..
And you'll continue with your own erosion.

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