Sunday, July 8, 2007

If you marry me.. would you bury me.

you leave me here
in such a state
of disaster... where i'm left
to pick up the broken pieces
where i try... and try..
but i just cry and cry...

cuz i can't seem to play the game right
and i'm always right back at the start
but nuthin ever changes...
the evil lies within
and it hangs low
and hides beneath
the layers of artificial sweetner

and i try and i try..
but i still cry..
oh how i cry...

i push myself
ahead of me..
to find a way to you
to find a place
to dream away
for happiness
to become real
to become whole
to become fused together
when that exists
then it can be good.

but it's not..
and i try..
and i try...
i still cry, and i'll cry...

you leave me here
under yer darkness
of fallen shadows
left to wilt
left to rot
left to wallow in yer decay
left alone.
left alone.

you make me die.
you make me cry.
you make me try..
i try so hard..
you make me cry.. and cry and cry...
you make me cry and cry and cry..
you make me cry and cry and cry..
but i still try.. oh, how i try.
and i'll always try..
even though i'll always cry...
til our last goodbye.
goodbye... goodbye..
and i still cry...

1 comment:

Giusi. said...

This poem was actually an email i had sent to someone a very long time ago...