Sunday, July 8, 2007

All about you.

Been going on for far too long this way
and for what reasons? for just what reasons?
I can't stand to sit here another minute
while you change your mood just like the seasons.
I thought I might've seen something.
A little different from the rest of them.
But it seems to me i've been far too blind
and caught up in you, my own self i condemned.
And maybe I just like to ramble on and on
cuz i know it's far much easier to blab it all out here
Cuz mum's the word each and every other time
Not brave enough? No.. let's just get this quite clear.
It's obvious to me.. regardless of what others say
that it's not true at all. that you're not feeling the same.
Polite and just nice. day in and day out.
I'm so fucking exhausted from being in the game.
what game? was there one? i doubt it. i make my own settings.
Where i change up the scenery and write in my own lines.
And i can't seem to stop my mind's imagery from playing
But again and again ... always reading into the signs.
Maybe they're there. Maybe they're not.
Maybe it's easier if i just stop all this nonsense.
all of it. just yell CUT. and then scene complete.
and then finally .. then finally.. I'll be off of this fence.

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