Sunday, July 8, 2007

Trial and error.

remember when they chased you down to find out what your name was?
remember when we got along so well, better than anyone else could?
remember when we'd talk for hours and hours on end til the sun came up?
always making me laugh uncontrollably.. i was always such a sucker for that....

but things weren't right. and then they were. and then they weren't. and then they were.
and over and over again we played that game. in and out. and back and forth.
but knowing well that things weren't proper. knowing that we didn't see eye to eye.
i still held on so tightly and fought with great effort.... because of that burning fire.

that fire. that flame. the one that consumes us. don't know how to extinguish it. i wish i did..
sometimes it's so good. sometimes it's so bad. but either way.. you stick it out.. cuz it's burning so bright.
and it takes so much out of you. it's numbing. the agony and ecstasy. overtaking your life.
yet we still make the choice. we know it . we live it. it's constantly on a roller coaster ride.

but trial and error is needed you see. and maybe there isn't that fire you see.
or maybe it just takes some time to light it you see. and maybe one day it can burn bright you'll see.
and maybe you have to be patient and wait. regardless of how you've ever been in the past.
it's testing. it's waiting. it's checking it out. but you have to dive in or you'll never find out.

or maybe it won't ever burn up at all. and maybe it just isn't meant to light up.
it's possible that it's not better that way. it may never burn quite as bright as you want.
and fire is warm. and fire needed. it's passion to fuel your love going through mountains.
so, to not have it present can cause quite infractions. depending on how bright your own fire is.

but chances are there to be given and taken. and if you feel there's a flicker, then you really should chance it.
cause maybe you didn't know enough. or maybe right then it just wasn't right.
but i know if you never tried. if you never even wanted to explore your many options..
then you may miss out on something.... that could burn so very bright. and never have that chance again. and lose in the end.

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