Sunday, July 8, 2007

If I could be.

if i could be the one for you, i'd sign my name upon your chest
i'd seal it tight with a seal of wax. hold onto you forever more...
if i could be what's good for you, i'd sell my dreams and buy a home
and steal away most of your time. the world around us we'd explore.

if i could be adoring you, i'd steal your kisses under stars
and whisper secrets hidden well to only you when night came down
if i could be of sounder mind, i'd choose much better than how i do now
but he steals the thunder and steals the sun with every time he comes around.

if i could be just anything. i'd be the one who'd be for you
and see the same thing that you see when you are looking right at me.
if i could be her and much much more, i would.. i really couldn't wish for more
but i can't quite be what you want from me, til what's locked up tight will one day be set free...

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