Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mistrust & Illusions.

here i go again.. blaming myself. but what do i know about everything else?
not a damn little thing. not a tad. not a bit.
there i go pouring out my soul over and over again.

i let it all out. i've spoken far too much. you know each and every corner by now.
but yet you still do not speak. you still do not share.
i have no idea of you. of all the why's and the when's.

i've said it before. i'll say it again. you're not what you seem despite how you act.
perhaps it's your lure.. to bring it all in
perhaps just a ploy to snag and keep her caught.

i know nothing. i see nothing. a man of few words.. how about no words instead.
but you play it so well..i'm sure you've done it before.
But Trust you, my dear boy, i must say.... i do not.

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