Sunday, July 8, 2007

Return of the Knights.

where have all the knights gone..?
where did they go to?
they seem to have disappeared
and i haven't got a single clue
as to when they will return
or if they even will
must i stay and wait here
at the top of this high hill?
for chivalry and manners
that don't exist no more,
for bravery and loyalties
and love right through the core.
Is it all gone.. is it all dead?
Cuz i can't seem to find any
on this lonely road i tread.
The knights have all gone
and aren't coming back.
Or maybe they've just wandered off
and somehow gotten off track
But i guess i'll just be patient
and wait until the day
that the knights will all come back
and clear away all this decay.

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