Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raising this white flag.

always here, with always smiles
wanting you to stay awhile
always here and never there
always so much wear and tear
always seeing sumpin bright
always trying to win this fight
always thinking something new
always feeling all that's true

always being dragged into
but i don't mind, when it's with you
always fears and always thoughts
with every do's and all do nots.
but keeping time with this here beat
and it's always such a special treat
to always find something like this
and it's something i would never miss

cuz it's always better now and then
always knew that in the end
that tomorrow brings a brighter day
and maybe now it's here to stay
always trying to rid these things
and throwing out these broken rings
of always fading promises
of things that i will never miss

but i always knew, always i did
that i always cowered, i always hid
and always never opened much
was always simply out of touch
and it's always simply trial and error
regardless of this always terror
but i'm always hoping for the best
no longer crippled with regret

[ ~G.B ]

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