Monday, May 11, 2009

an open letter to myself.

what is it that you seek this time
and why is it that you hide
what are these things you say my dear
with every time you've cried

what do you want from all out there
what do you need to be
why are those reasons fading fast
and why can't you just be free

is there something you want to have
is there a place you'd rather go
why can't you make your mind up now
what do you want to know

will anything ease your tired mind
and will you ever rest
do you not see beyond the ridge
why can't you just forget

what more do you seek out there
when will you ever pause
and stop fighting for just one day
this tired and poor cause

what is it that you want my love
how can i help you out
cuz i'm tired of this cloudiness
and ways to scream and shout

what can be done to ease this pain
what can be found for you..
when will it be your day my girl
when will it all come true

[ ~G.B ]

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