Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Me against the world.

on the ridge
on my own
with this view
mine alone
no one else
not a soul
who can sit
on this ridge
of my own
made of stone
that i've carved out each day
each day that i stayed
and i left.. then i strayed...
but it's here that i lay
on this ridge
that i carved
on my own
made of stone
not a soul, not a shared moment
or a thought, or a tale that's been lost
on this ridge
carved of stone
like a throne
but it's tough
and it's rough
when yer back is towards
the ocean ever wide
against all the rest
of the men of this earth
cornered into this spot
on this ridge
called my throne
now my home
and it's here that I'm stuck
and it's where all is fucked
on my own
all alone
on this ridge
carved in stone
bare as bone
mine alone...

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