Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have no title for this one.

There was never one time
when i ever did think
that any of it
was ever for me

not one fleeting moment
not even one stare
not mine, never will
you were just never there

so vacant and far
you never did show
it wasn't at all
never said, nothing told

never did feel it
never did know it
it's always been absent
so, i've always been clueless

i'm baffled by most
of these actions i see
cuz it makes no more sense
than the lines that i read

confused by the lack of
and absent attraction
you've now become one of
my most worst distractions

yet i push it away
and i close off all doors
There is no entrance this way
Much worse than what's before.

But i still have no answer
just this pull that grows strong
for whatever strange reason
saying it is here i belong..

[ ~G.B ]

(unfinished work)

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