Sunday, March 1, 2009

Undeniably denied.

it seeps from the grounds below our feet
and sinks into my very soul
and mirrors fog, the windows stain
from wretched pistol smoke

my, what fine things you have, she says
they sparkle, then shine, they do
it glares from ahead, looking bright with deceit
time to sound the alarms, time to dread

the shudders, are loud
can't you hear them so clear?
the shiver is following now

as i ask what you see
can't you feel? can't you read?
it's all a joke for no one can perceive

your strut is a farce
your face, how you glimmer
with sadness and plenty of lies

a tower of power
with weakening beams
that threaten to crash down on you

my stomach it turns with a rage that consumes
overpowering all that can be, all is true
and no matter, no use in denying this toll
you succumb to which ever reaction it brings

all pretend and ambition with false parting words
no use trying to play parts with compassion
it's a dance here you see, weaving in, sometimes out
and i've stopped prancing in these distractions.

no more time here or there
can't forgive, you're all bare
time to go, time to leave it behind

it's a lie, i feel sick
it's abuse, call it quits
can't control, it's all me, not this time

how i feel, doesn't matter
how you feel, go to hell
couldn't care, it's a fact who you are

cannot hide all those reasons
show it loud, shout your pride
it's a shame how you toss it about

still i walk away wounded from battles that never were
and never will, never have and never shall be
it is a door kept ajar.. but was never meant to open
so, shut it now... and seal it closed once and for all

felt like the sickening sound of scraping nails against the board
and every pain and every hurt, it all the time was always mine
and never once was it a concern that came within an inch of you
so leave it be.. i'll slide away.... and fade away from this old story.

[ ~G.B ]

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