Monday, March 16, 2009


a fog .. such a haze
cutting through, not these days
feeling stifled, cannot breathe
there's too much to perceive
such a mess, i can't see
never more.. never free
never tied to the spot
of the things that i've got
always loose and undone
with the worse yet to come
can't hold on to this page
all that's here is my rage
still this drink does entice
been here once, seen it twice
gotta grab hold of something
cuz my seams are unravelling
with your game that you play
another dollar, and one more day
and growing tired with dismay
with this constant hitting of replay
still i'm vexed.. much perplexed
with every word and line and text
i'm oh so tired, getting cold
the scene it's slowly growing old
too lost within, i can't get out
pulling me in, infused with doubt
of anything that's ever true
something borrowed, bound & blue
of lies, deceit and foul play
and nothing here to make me stay
it makes no sense no longer here
it really is as it appears
but more and often hidden parts
that take up space within our hearts
i can't feel it no more
i don't see what it's for
can't look into this door
when i'm tired and so worn
so keep it away
don't want you to stay
cuz what's worth a chance
when you can't even dance
so tired of these ways
can't count on these days
i've lost track of time
of these long drawn heart crimes
i can't see anymore
i'm way down on the floor..
i'm so tired of these days
i'm so tired of these ways...
i'm so tired of much dismay..
i need to find a better way.

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