Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Past to Present.

i choose this song, this song for you
i choose it now and not for long
i chose it how i know it best
for every single right and wrong

i feel this way for now i do
i feel it just the way they say
i felt it hard, for real this time
with every price i've had to pay

i see these words that play on here
i see the way they write my pain
i saw the day that all was gone
with nothing learned, not much to gain

i know now what i do is wrong
i know the way i've carried on
i knew it all along perhaps
but now it's done and far long gone

i think that now i'll do this thing
i think it's time i change my gaze
i thought i always knew the way
but i've been here and lost for days

i will be strong enough this time
i will be fighting as i smile
i was behind for far too long
and dragged on slowly for a while

i'll dream up bigger dreams this time
i'll dream a bright and coloured scene
i've dreamt of fiction for too much time
and now it's time i dream for me.

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