Friday, March 6, 2009

three times three.

flutter. feel. and see this here
of all the things that come this year
that bring it closer and much more near

focusing on what's to come
the steady beat if this here drum
begins with just one gentle strum

of fingertips so softly placed
it leaves with me a strange new taste
no time to stop, nor time to waste

when first there was a wicked mess
with way too much mental distress
i start to want it less and less

for whatever reason there was before
i see it now as such an eye sore
and quite frankly, an even bigger bore

there are no more seams to mend
and no longer reasons to pretend
when one can see.. we've reached the end

but not the end, for all you see
because it's still a brand new start for me
and all of that which may just be

and even though i don't know all
it's better to walk, though you may fall
no use in trying to slow or stall..

cuz ... a smile brightens up the day
just perhaps it has come to stay.
...and I know now all will be okay.

~ giusi.B

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Anonymous said...

hey girl :D I just stumbled upon your blog while looking up song lyrics, and recognized your picture. Haha I'm not sure if you remember me, I was justasundaymorning/CatHater at the ndff, I used to post a lot probably like five years ago. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi :D