Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Depth of a feeling.

deeper than i think, making my heart sink
tugging my heart's strings, shouldn't think these things
way too close to me, and the only thing i see
try too hard to push away, though i want so bad to stay
not for me.. not at all, still i always seem to fall
wish you'd say it, or maybe you could quit
genuine or evil ploys, you never know with certain boys
if only i were much more wise, then i'd know to cast you aside
still i ponder every night, still i seem to hold on tight
onto nothing never there, just a glance .. a touch.. a stare
you leave me hanging dry, foolish me who's left to cry
i don't know what i see, i wish to God to be set free
of what seems to bind, and what i cannot find
which i seem to search in you, for something sound and true
not sure what it is, but you seem to have it kid
and you've taken me by storm, and now i'm worse than before
and silly me for being here, but silly you for staying near
i know you know the half if it, cuz i told you like a drunken twit
stumbling in my own mistakes, i just have so much at stake
but it's too much to handle, and you're too much of a gamble
when i know it's not the same, when i feel it's just your game
stuck in the same place, running always the same race
and it's still you, and i'm still blue
crazy to try, left here to sigh
but it's deeper you see, now it's too late for me.

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Anonymous said...

awwwww G-money....that was beautifully said!!...:)