Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a vision of ambition.

trapped between reasons
and caught within seasons
i'm losing my grasp on all things with your treasons

on choosing my roles
and on keeping with goals
i just keep moving forward and filling in holes

but it's not even here
not even next year
there's so much to decide and even way more to fear

many paths left to choose
though i don't want to lose
and i'm trying much harder not to fall, not to bruise

but a better plan up ahead
are we better off dead?
cuz i'm not even sure if those grounds i will tread

all i know is one thing
and of what i shall sing
maybe titles aren't so valuable, maybe they won't mean a thing.

i want it all
i seem to stall
and always crashing into some kind of wall..

but it's my decision
my one life mission
and somehow it's always in revision.

and maybe now
it all seems sound
you've got me tightly held and bound

by sheer free will
my dearest will....
my one and only lifelong thrill

i want a life
just as a wife
my composition seems finally right.

a slave to tradition
i choose no ambition
because i've found in the end that it's just not my vision.

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