Friday, August 10, 2007

never mine.

never was. never once. never even for a day.
not today. and nor tomorrow. not even yesterday.
it wasn't here. it never was. it's just not anywhere at all.
and you are there. inside her lair. at her every single beck and call.

why do i care? why do i sneer? why do i even bother much?
to think at all.. to ponder on these silly things and such and such
i wish to God that you were gone. and far away, i wish you well..
cuz for unknown reasons and unfair plans, i'm under your dark & twisted spell.

it's better when you're gone from here. and better when i'm on my own
it's just much saner away from you.. cuz it seems i've got myself on loan
i hate this feeling of no control. consuming every single ounce of me
cuz it's all just being wasted.................. and still it's only you i see.


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