Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heart Rumbles.

still got it. it's here. i feel it right now.
and i'm not even quite that sure how
to tell you, or show you. i'm not good at this
but even through downtimes, you still bring me bliss

i melt. and i glow. and i gush over you
and no matter whatever, i've always been true
to nobody else. not really the same
cuz there's always been good despite of the rain.

you've got me. you've had me for always you see
it's all in your hands just how great this could be
don't question my doubts and my hesitations
cuz i'm only just clearing out waste and frustrations

but please don't forget at the end of the day
that i'd really prefer that it's you who will stay
the beat still sounds loudly, rock steady and sound
still my heart rumbles sweet and so very profound.


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