Thursday, June 2, 2016

You are nothing to me. (x infinity)

Erase all the thoughts, all the things, all that went on.
Erase all of them, clear the slate, now it's all gone.

Your lies, and your games, and your ruse that you play on,
Erased, from my mind, from my soul, from my heart drum.

That beats ever long, ever strong with my passion.
That sounds ever loud, such sweet song and attraction

That you'll never hold, never see, never witness
Nevermore, not again, on your life, you won't have this.

I have cleared all of you from my mind, you're deleted.
All because you have played with my heart and depleted

All of that which was good, which was bright, you made dimmer.
Now you'll no longer live in the light of my glimmer.

There are no memories of you I keep inside of me
Because there was no truth to you as far as i can see

So, be gone and gone for so so long, be gone for good this time
Because i'm over all this toxic waste and i'm running out of rhyme

I chose myself and let it run, away from what was wrong
I chose to be the chosen one, and sing my own true song.

So, erase.. erase.. each tiny little fragment of my memory
I want it gone, each bit of it, So that I will no longer see

A thought, an image .. a feeling, that may still linger on
I made it so it's gone, you see.. it was always just a con.

You matter not, no more, my friend, You matter not at all.
All feelings that were good and true, are now replaced or null.

Just apathy and most disgust for all you truly were,
To think i tried to help you once. a love that was so pure.

But every little bit of that is gone forever now.
I chose myself, this is the end, and now let's take a bow.

For you will never have me, or any part of me, you see..
Cuz for now and all eternity,  you will always just be nothing to me.

x infinity.


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