Sunday, March 25, 2018

capacity to love.

feel me here.   with your hands.  soft and close.  gentle and calm. calm and warm... soft and sweet.
it isn't something to ignore.  it isn't something you can hide from anymore.
it isn't something you can stall any longer.   it isn't something to deny. it isn't something to pass over.
it is you. it is me. it is was always you .. inside of you.   and inside of me. 
and it's growing so rapidly.. you cannot exhale. and you do not understand.
but that's okay.  you don't have to. not yet.  you're not there yet.
you will be soon.  but i can guide you. for i am you. you are me.
and it's here. and it's everywhere.  and it electrifies your skin.  and it makes no sense to you.
and you're scared. and that's okay. i know.
but it's okay.   just find you. inside you.    find you.  love you.  love you deeply. 
nothing else matters. except that love.  and the capacity of love you have to feel for yourself is so profound.    find it.  open it up. feel it. live it.  know it.  hold it. it's you. it's all.
the time is now.
you can no longer avoid this.   they won't let you. 
and you know this now. 
you must deal with your inner self...  calm the noise, ease the pain
understand only this.   that there is no use fighting  or resisting.
for it is in the path of least resistance that we truly glide through life on this energetic wave of euphoria and love.       
love. so much love.
give in. fully. completely.
it is you. 
step into you.
step into your power.
and your capacity to love.
if you only knew who you were and the crown you wear..
how bold and brilliant you are.
how heroic, strong, unwavering, compassionate and moving you are.
learn it. see it. feel it.
it is you.
it always was.
find it. find it now.
i'll be here.    .xo.

[ open letter to my mirror ]


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