Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm just a fish in your ocean.

i swam in the deep.. i swam far and long
i swam til the shore was so lost and so gone
i swam fairly quickly, i swam out to you
for it's all i could see and the one thing i knew
there's no shaking this off, it's here til the end
so i'll swim til tomorrow as i still will pretend
that i can't feel the pull of the ocean so deep
nor the lights from within that forever will keep
me coming up for air when i can't seem to think
and if i stop swimming now, i will most surely sink
so, on i will swim til i get there one day
when there's not that much more of which i can say
and until it will tire and there's visible land
i will swim here forever and crisscross the sand
with words of mere passion that fill up my head
and i'll sit here and scribble down my thoughts instead

i swam far away from the one that i had
i swam even though it would make me so sad
i teetered and tottered for great lengths on this line
and gave up so easily what for always was mine
but there's no lifeboat here that's far out in this sea
no ships, nor a raft that will come and save me
not a lighthouse in sight that can show me the way
all these waves and bad waters keep the saviors at bay
stick to land where it's safer and dryer my friend
stay to glamour and skylights of city's of trend
keep to shallows and maybe's of graceful display
that never will smudge and that never will fray
yet i swim with this weight of what's real here within
and i'll always have light from the moon when it's dim
i swam out for days and i'll swim, though i tire..
i'll swim til the end of this bright burning fire.

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