Friday, April 11, 2008


i cannot make any more sense

of this past and present and future tense
of the why's and the how's and the who is to blame?
doesn't matter, no ... not really, cuz it's always the same.

when we're spinning in circles, so out of control
feeling deeply for it all really does take a toll
on your heart and your mind and on mostly your soul
but these wild strings of life will still tug and still pull

with a wish for what's simple and a sweet kind of peace
but my heart & my soul have been put up for lease
where the buyer beware of all that which may come
with this prison around me, it's become quite a sum

there's no longer a promise of answers and truth
and not even a mere suggestion of a permanent roof
and they say that it all happens for a very reason
but i've lost count and track of time with each passing season

the truth, there is none, as far as i'm concerned
just a lesson and a story from these fires that have burned
and no longer is the tale a happy one to tell
when all dreams and aspirations have been put up for sale...

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