Friday, February 1, 2008

What's left but to write.

* * *

What's left there to try?
when i can barely cry
and question the why
yet there's still no goodbye
and the river is dry
with the last of my sigh
and the both of our lies
always in a disguise

what's left there to say?
and convince me to stay
always feeling betrayed
maybe wait one more day
and we'll soon find a way
i do hope, and i pray
still these games we do play
yet we can't walk away

what's left there to think?
always feeling my heart sink
when i'm right on the brink
with this knot to unlink

what's left there to do?
when you want to be true
and all i feel is blue
well, i just haven't got a clue...

* * *

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