Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Mind's View

an overreaction of feelings and thoughts
brought on by some common destruction
where i can't seem to control the wheel anymore
and it's not making anymore sense in my head

just a slight little notion that's off from the first
and it's off on this tangent to where it just goes
i can't calm it down and i don't quite know why
that i'm dealing with phases and phrases this way

sensitivity's high and so is my perception
an anchor that's tortured and burdened me so
cuz with even one thought that's misplaced over here
i'm left spinning way out of control

and trying to figure out how to conclude
how to shut it all off and ignore it
is completely impossible and futile to me
so, i'm left feeling lost and so hopeless

not anyone's fault for my mind seeing this way
it's not yours, nor mine, not anyone else's
and i'm trying to view it and see it their way
or just any which way that won't break me

but simple it's not and too hard of a task
i'm just trying to be on the neutral
and i have no idea why i see all this way
it's a curse that i'll seem to live on with...

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